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Thursday November 28, 2013 @ The Paradise (Kensal Green)

Imagine being encouraged to drink, dance and belt your warbling little lungs out not purely because it's fun (although it certainly is), but with the added bonus of helping others. Well imagine no more, just get yourself along to this year's most unmissable scharity fundraising night for Artbox London on 28th November 2013.

This is your chance to tap those dancing shoes of yours firmly in the direction of Kilburn's most happening venue, Paradise; spiritual home of the dancing gods, actual home of the cool kids, and for one blistering night only...the place where the cost of your evening will go directly to fund local art workshops.

Post-Paradise 1am, the world may seem a dull and lonesome place. But not to fear, you leave with the knowledge your contribution has brightened the lives of countless students with learning difficulties.

See you on the dance floor.

Featuring: Guy Mac, James Furness, Violent Blondes, Boy Nez

The Paradise, 19 Kilburn Lane, Kensal Green, London, W10 4AE [ GMap ]

6pm-1am. Tickets can be purchased on the door for just £4, although if you wish to donate more, please feel free. All proceeds go towards supporting Artbox London.

Saturday April 28, 2012 @ The Cornershop (Shoreditch)

After last month’s stellar comeback Glue is once again part of your life. However we are now no longer tied to one venue and like medieval minstrels we will spread our tunes of joy far and wide! For April you will find us in Shoreditch’s Cornershop - a lovely little venue that also has the advantage of being FREE all night so you don’t even have to pay to get your next dose of Glue.

Headlining are Stylus Rex and Mini da Minx. The former has recently launched an album to great acclaim with positive write ups in the specialist press and broadsheets alike. Mini da Minx has been a big part of the London scene for a last few years - both as a promoter and a DJ. Expect both our guests to play Glue’s trademark mix of breaks, electro, house & techno.

Supporting our guests will be our usual trio of home cooked heroes - James Furness, Hell Yeah & bump. Hell Yeah will kick the night off with some funkier party beats before bump takes us on one of his patented techno journeys. James Furness will then finish the night off in his normal classy style with some proggier sounds.

Featuring: Mini da Minx, Stylus Rex, James Furness, Hell Yeah, bump

The Cornershop, 123 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JE [ GMap ]

8pm-2am, FREE all night!

Friday March 30, 2012 @ The Star Of Kings (Kings Cross)

It’s been a dreary, dark six months but your life will have meaning again as Glue returns! We’re back with a new look and a new venue, but the same commitment to hold amazing parties and host eclectic DJs. The venue chosen for our comeback party is King’s Cross awesome rave cave at the Star of Kings. Equipped with it’s very own Function One soundsystem, Glue is going to sound better than ever before!

Headlining this very special event is the legendary Pete Jordan. He’s been responsible for taking the Spectrum brand from a Nottingham breaks night to a countrywide behemoth that regularly puts on the coolest acts in bass music. More recently, he's opened club night and label weird Science with Santero and his recent events in London venues have all been massively oversubscribed, so grab your chance to see him at a smaller venue while you still can and get along to Glue where Pete will be sharing some of that special magic with us.

Supporting Mr Jordan will be our trio of home cooked heroes - James Furness, bump and Hell Yeah. bump will be kicking the night off with a special selection of techno shaped charmers no doubt sprinkled with a variety of surprises. James Furness will then pick up the musical baton and set the stage for Pete Jordan’s arrival so expect everything from the best house, techno, breaks and electro! Finishing the night will be Hell Yeah who promises a set of total stormers that will no doubt finish you off and truly test the soundsystem.

So for a comeback better than Elvis in ‘68 get to the Star of Kings on the 30th March!

Featuring: Pete Jordan, James Furness, Hell Yeah, Bump

The Star Of Kings, 126 York Way, Kings Cross, London, N1 0AX [ GMap ]

9pm-2am, £3 before 10pm, £5 after

Friday December 9, 2011 @ A10 Russian Bar (Shoreditch)
Frank's Night Off 

We've booked the basement of the Russian Bar. It's small, sweaty and great fun.

(Downstairs, where we, are is technically free all night, so if you tell the door-staff you're here for FRANK, they should let you in, but I can't guarantee it!)

Featuring: James Furness, Disco Patrick, Mjoogoo, Bump, M-Joe, Lo Tone (live), Dr Woo

A10 Russian Bar, 267 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AS [ GMap ]

Free before 12, £5 after. 10pm-5am

Saturday July 23, 2011 @ Horse & Groom (Shoreditch)

Incredibly Glue is two years old! Seems like only yesterday we were pacing around the delivery room, anxiously awaiting of the arrival of London’s brightest new club night. Yet here we are, entering the terrible twos and as always ready for some serious partying!

To mark this very special occasion we’ll be putting on a very special night with four of our very favourite DJs, not to mention a few birthday surprises thrown into the mix too.

Playing the peak time slot is regular guest and all round DJ hero, James Furness. He first played for us at our very first We Have Fun way back in 2008 and has been back many times, including several iconic sets at Glue. Expect some real treats for the big birthday party with his set taking in house, electro, breaks and a lot beside.

Ending the party on a high will be Glue’s very favourite Northerner, Lovely Andy. He too has played for us many, many times, first as Fatman 88 with some dark and heavy techno and more recently as Lovely Andy with a slightly happier set. He’s played Glue a couple of times in the last year, each time better than the last, setting a very high standard for himself - we’re pretty sure he’ll better it again this time...

Kicking the celebrations off is a man that is no stranger to Glue - back from his baby enforced hiatus is Hell Yeah! The former resident and co-creator will be once again be gracing the decks at Glue, playing some funkier tunes at the start of the night and no doubt setting the party up perfectly for the chaos that will follow!

Finally, we have our loyal and most trusted resident, bump. He’s played more Glues than anyone and set the musical tone perfectly each time. So once again he’ll be doing his techno thing and taking the Horse & Groom from a nice little pub to mental party zone in 105 minutes!

So don’t miss out on the best birthday party ever!!!

Featuring: James Furness, Lovely Andy, Hell Yeah, bump

Horse & Groom, 28 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3NZ [ GMap ]

9pm-4am, free before 10pm, £4 after

Saturday April 16, 2011 @ Horse & Groom (Shoreditch)

April is going to be a very special month with one of the events of the decade enthralling the country. The papers have been talking about it for months. The media are planning hours of coverage in the run up to the big day. There'll be street parties, national celebration and lots of beautiful dresses. Yes indeed, Glue is back! You weren't thinking of something else were you?

Our vicar for the night, leading the congregation in celebration of the love between Glue and our fans is the always awesome Mister Sushi. Having first witnessed the blossoming romance back in the heady days of last summer he's thrilled to return to bless the event with his mix of the latest electro bombs and breakbeat classics.

Making sure the party runs smoothly and hopefully avoiding an embarrassing speech is the best man, James Furness. Fresh from an extended stay in NZ dodging earthquakes, he'll now be the one shaking the earth with the relentless bass of his house and electro party tunes.

And last but not least we have two gorgeous bridesmaids in Dr Woo and Gh0sty. The latter is going to be dropping a set of nasty little numbers before desperately trying to catch the bouquet. Meanwhile Dr Woo will be covering for our usual resident bump who's had to take a break due to his habit of crying far too much before playing a set that includes Bonnie Tyler, Phil Collins and Barbara Streisand (Oi! Don’t think I’m not still reading these! –bump). We think Dr Woo's filthy techno will go down much better...

Featuring: Mr Sushi, James Furness, Dr Woo, Gh0sty

Horse & Groom, 28 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3NZ [ GMap ]

9pm-4am, free before 10pm, £4 after

Saturday February 26, 2011 @ Graffiti White (New Zealand)

Sup team, time for a mix in town.

we've just met James Furness (UK) who is travelling around NZ on holiday and seeing as he's leaving here next month, we thought we'd throw together a club night for him.

James is a regular DJ on the Shoreditch (London) circuit. Spinning deep house, house, progressive and cool techy breaks.

Joining him are usual suspects TwEQ, Psymon Barnet, Adelle, Anikin and Al.

Kicking off at 10pm. Free entry. Come down and say hi.

Featuring: James Furness, Psymon Barnet, Adelle, Anikin, Al & TwEQ

Graffiti White, Lordships Lane, 96 Lichfield St, Christchurch, New Zealand [ GMap ]

10pm-4am, free entry

Saturday September 18, 2010 @ Horse & Groom (Shoreditch)

So it's September, back to school and back to Glue! This month we have a very special lineup as our residents take a break and we invite back some old friends and some very exciting new ones!

Headlining the night are 2 Bit Thugs, a DJ pair we've been hoping to get to Glue for a long time and finally they're here! Playing a frenetic and fun mix of electro, gangster house and anything with a bassline and an attitude we think they'll fit perfectly with the Glue ethos!

Along with the Thuggish headliners we have James Furness and Shakes, once the pair were partners known as the Pogo DJs but now their ride alone, both on a guest to find the biggest baddest basslines and heaviest party tunes. Expect a collision of electro, breaks and house.

And finally opening the party we have Dr Woo, a newcomer to Glue who'll be playing a warmup set that will run from chilled techno to full on party starters!

Featuring: 2 Bit Thugs, Shakes, James Furness, Dr Woo

Horse & Groom, 28 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3NZ [ GMap ]

10pm-4am, free before 10pm, £4 after/with guestlist

Saturday May 29, 2010 @ Rhythm Factory (Whitechapel)
Raw Beats 

Raw Beats is here! The summer kicks off with London's freshest and most exciting party as Raw Beats brings some of the best DJs and live acts to the Rhythm Factory, one of the capital's top venues. Mashing together sounds from across the electronic music spectrum, the night will host every stripe of Bass Music be it electro, house, breaks, rave, dubstep or techno. We're not worried about pigeon holes and genres but good tunes and having a great party!

The opening night will be an extra special event as the cadre of elite acts we've gathered together is stuffed to the gills with talent. Leading the pack will be ever innovative Trevor Loveys, best known as a versatile DJ and for his ongoing work with scene leaders such as Herve and Dave Taylor (Switch), he's been at the forefront of the new house sound that now dominates clubland and will be sure to bring the latest underground bass as an extra special treat for the Raw Beats crowd.

Helping out Mr Loveys in the Main Room are fellow headliners the Young Fathers, Flore and Hexadecimal. Young Fathers are a a fun loving trio from Scotland who trade in a electro-pop influenced brand of rap. They'll be playing live and are guaranteed to put an awesome show.

Meanwhile Flore, who hails from the sunny Lyon in France, is in town to promote her upcoming album 'Raw' which is due for release later in the year. An album brimming with bass music in all it's forms you'd be a fool to miss it or her special show at Raw Beats. She'll be DJing with special on stage support from superstar MC Rodney P.

Hexadecimal is a mainstay of the Nottingham based Spectrum brand, a regular DJ at their parties and producer on their label. He's is also promoting his new album with Raw Beats a special chance to display his talent as a DJ and a producer. His album, 'Base 16', is out Distinctive Records soon.

Whilst helping out the big guns in Main Room and packing out Room 2 will be a gaggle of frankly awesome DJs - James Furness, Shakes, Squeaks, Olivier Garth and Bump. Each one a reason to head to Raw Beats on their own.

Featuring: Trevor Loveys, Flore ft Rodney P, Young Fathers, Hexadecimal, Squeaks, James Furness, Shakes, Olivier Garth, Bump

Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1EW [ GMap ]

10pm to 6am, £5 entry before 12 and £10 after

Wednesday December 2, 2009 @ Proud Camden (Camden)
Mad In The City 

MAD returns to Proud for the second instalment of its !Clash! night; the biggest contrast of genres you are likely to have heard. With a huge variety of acts, a ‘clash’ of ideologies, scenes and people, MAD is what you’ve dreaded and wanted, hated and loved. MAD bases its nights around colour (representative of different moods/genres), introduces the live elements of a drummer, crazy visuals and top draw DJs. Each event is a showcase of the different styles presented in short sets to get as much energy into the venue as possible. 

This month, MAD introduces you to the likes of Jonty Finn, pro session musician and all- round mentalist. His drum weaving obscenities span 15 years seeing signings with EMI and Universal, performances at the Isle of Wight festival and hundreds of gigs under his belt. He’ll be battling beneath a some-what schizophrenic journey of sound from up and coming deebee producer, Krane

On the acoustic front, Gilda Axelroud will be starting the evening with her “soothing voice” singing a mixture of folk and pop songs. Catherine Pockson (Cat and Max) will follow, bringing elements of blues and soul to the stage within her beautifully crafted sound. Her songs have gained a lot of attention over the past 6 months leading to constant bookings all over London. Will Varley and his blend of fun, clever and heartfelt tunes will then emerge, guaranteed to get the venue’s feet tapping. 

The DJs.

Founder, a collaboration between Will Kay and Chris Hutchison will be making their debut performance. The guys are being compared to a mashup of Sneaky Sound System, Caspa and David Guetta. MAD !Clash! is the first place to hear their new tracks before their 2010 release. 

“There is too much good music out there to be constrained to one genre!” is the thinking behind James Furness and his eclectic mixes. Having recently returned from Space, Ibiza and having played a host of summer gigs as one half of the Pogo DJs, James will be taking the dancefloor in crazy directions. 

!Clash! has Counterfactual bringing the breaks to Proud. He has been running nights, winning dj competitions and creating mayhem on dance floors over the past few years. You can find him playing at his monthly Headroc slot at Ministry and Pacha.  

One of the founding members of East London’s most long standing squats (491 Gallery) as well as creator of independent label Sumifuka Records, Voodootronix will be spinning the vinyl later in the night. The man has earned somewhat of an underground status in the London drum & bass scene with his Planet Angel appearances and weekly Bass Junkee radio sessions.

“Expect to dance till your feet bleed!” 

Featuring: Gilda Axelroud, Catherine Pockson, Will Varley, James Furness, Founder Counterfactual, Voodootronix Krane

Proud Camden, The Horse Hospital, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden Town, NW1 8AH [ GMap ]

7.30pm-1am, £3 advance, £5 on door

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