Buddy Christ 

July Promo Marathon

Electro, Wobble, Dubstep, Drums & Basses

Here we go then. I haven’t done a proper mix of the stuff I like to play out for a few months, so I thought “why does a mix need to fit on a CD if it’snever going to get put on one?”

Funnily enough most of the tracks are still only ones I’ve bought in the last couple of weeks, with the anticipation of playing at We Have Fun’s 1st birthday at the new venue of 93 Feet East.


  1. Evil Nine - The Night
  2. The Ian Carey Project - Get Shaky (Lee Mortimer Remix)
  3. Caged Baby - Forced (Foamo Remix)
  4. Lars Moston & Philipe de Boyar - So Sick
  5. Chaka Khan - Feel For You (Calvertron Remix)
  6. Defunct! - Fokkin Lekker (Kyle Watson Motherland Remix)
  7. Kelevra - Bumpin On Ya Stereo
  8. Detboi - Gunshot Lean Forward (Andy George & JakZ Remix)
  9. Boltan - Nine To Five (Rico Tubbs Speed Garage Remix)
  10. Heavyfeet ft. Bubbz - I Am Here
  11. Heartache - Temptation (Gigi Barocco Remix)
  12. Calvertron - Doo Doo (Jelo Mix)
  13. Jayvin Mena - Monthra (Gigi Barocco Remix)
  14. JakZ - Pink Elephant
  15. The Martin Brothers - Dum (Nat Self Remix)
  16. Tee Ski & Shab Ruffcut - Ooww Barr Booo (Kyle Watson Remix)
  17. Kidda - Strong Together (Heavyfeet remix)
  18. Mixhell - Boom Da (Edu K Remix)
  19. Agent X ft. Mutya & Ultra - Fallin (Lee Mortimer Remix)
  20. The Outhere Brothers - Enjoy (Crooker Vocal Mix)
  21. La Roux - Bulletproof (Foamo Remix)
  22. Jay Robinson ft. Mr Eyez - Make Your Body Jack (Joey Saint Mix)
  23. Benga - 26 Basslines (L-Vis 1990 Dubblestep Remix)
  24. Datsik & Excision - Calypso
  25. Skism - Back Off
  26. Skism - Rise of The Idiots
  27. Nero - Act Like You Know
  28. Rampage - War (Heavyfeet Remix)
  29. The Playfellow - Hyjack (Afghan Headspin Remix)

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