May Promo Mix


A few of the latest sounds in the Pogo bag, including new releases from our friends at Erase, Sinister and Future Perfect records.


  1. Mark Ramsey - U Turn (Original) [Noir Music]
  2. Kos - Vorspiel (Original) [Familia Recordings]
  3. Elite Force - Kinetic Connection (Rogue Element Mix) [U&A Recordings]
  4. Sam Hell - Gun Club (Badlands Remix) [Sinister Recordings]
  5. JR From Dallas and Randy Brusetto - Jazz Ghetto City (Lee Mortimer Remix) [Union Recordings]
  6. Jukey - The Way We Go (Herve Remix) [Ministry Of Sound]
  7. TJR - Atomic (Original) [Wearhouse Music]
  8. Pro 7 - Dyslexic Disco (Original) [Future Perfect Records]
  9. Aquasky ft. Ragga Twins - Give It Up (Old Skool Style) (Trevor Loveys Remix) [Passenger]
  10. Digital Base - Solid Man (Original) [iBreaks Funk]
  11. Pro 7 - Slide It (Si McEvoy's Electric Boogaloo) [Erase Records]
  12. Pro7 - Slide It (Gooseflesh Remix) [Erase Records]
  13. Youthful Implants - Sizzler (Original) [unsigned]

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